Committees and Meetings

Trianon Music Group

Committees and Meeting Dates

Management Committee as at AGM 26 September 2017
Chairman Simon Fisher
Vice Chair Nigel King
Artistic Director Chris Green
Group Administrator Dominique Nightingale
Choir Secretary John Barratt
Choir Reps (2) Gordon Hughes and Gill Williams
Friends Rep Madeleine Rhodes
IAA Rep Beverley Ruddock
Orchestra Secretary Nigel Walker
Orchestra Reps (2) Naomi Kemp and Margo Pigott
Publicity Officer Rebecca Conway
Recruitment Co-ordinator Margaret Nicholls
Treasurer Carole Cowgill
Concert Manager Jonathan Green
Community Concerts Organiser – Margo Pigott
TMG News Editor Tracy Smith

Choir – Peter Norton
Orchestra – Emma Grant/ Josh Mundy

Music Committee Members

Members of this committee are invited to join/co-opted

Chair Catherine Bury (Choir)
Steve Browne (orchestra – Leader)
Astrid Coxon (orchestra – strings)
Natasha Free (orchestra – woodwind)
Christopher Green (Artistic Director)
Yvonne Graham (choir – alto)
Barry Hall (choir – tenor)
Peter Hodge (orchestra – strings)
Cathy Johnson (choir – soprano)
James Kent (orchestra – strings)
Paul Cannard (orchestra -brass)
Monika Rohtla (choir – soprano)
David Ruddock (choir – bass)


Trianon Concert Tours
Chair: Madeleine Rhodes

Forthcoming Committee Meetings

Management Committee:
Tuesday 21 August, 7.00pm 

Music Committee:

Please note that the AGM will take place on Friday 28 September, 7.30pm, at St Mary at Stoke’s Church Hall, Stoke Street, Ipswich, IP2 8BX