Trianon Choir Music Catalogue (updated 9/03/2017)

AbbaAnderssonThank you for the music53Alphabetic
Adams, BryanEverything I Do I Do It For You113Box upper shelf
Ahrold, FCourting of the Deaf Woman21
Albert (Prince Consort)McCarthy, JSerenade17Alphabetic
Aldema, GilShalom Aleichem50Alphabetic
Allaingnant, PTourdion53Alphabetic
Allen, GNPrecious Lord Take my Hand97Alphabetic
Althouse, JCome Follow the Bands29Alphabetic
Anderson-Lopez, K/ Lopez, RHuff, MacLet it go19Alphabetic
Appleby & FowlerSing in Harmony34 Part Songs2Alphabetic
Arcadelt, JAve Maria29Alphabetic
Arch, GThe Gospel Train41Alphabetic
Arne, TGreen, CRule Britannia68 chorus only. 1 verse and chorus69Alphabetic
Arne, ThomasBlow, blow thou winter wind21
Arne, TRule Britannia4 verses and chorus106Alphabetic
Arnold, MPeterloo104Box bottom left shelves
BachBide With Us34Alphabetic
BachSwingleBourree for Bach16Alphabetic
BachBreezy Bach20Alphabetic
BachGavotte for Bach18Alphabetic
BachJesu Joy of Man’s Desiring German words + 2 accs39Alphabetic
BachHarris, W HKing of Glory, King of Peace 13Festival Music Book 1975
BachO Jesu Most Kind 24Festival Music Book 1977
BachSixteen Chorales41Alphabetic
BachSleepytime Bach16Alphabetic
BanchieriThe Animals Improvise Counterpoint40Alphabetic
BantockO Can Ye Sew Cushions30Alphabetic
Barnby, JSweet and Low18Alphabetic
BarrellPrayer for Peace16Alphabetic
BarryThe Lion in Winter+2 piano rehearsal119BOX
Bart, Lionel“Oliver” Medley21Alphabetic
Barthelson, JSomebody’s knockin’ at your door30TRAD
Bartok, BFour Slovak Folksongs54Alphabetic
Bartok, BShepherd’s Christmas Songs21Alphabetic
BeethovenTo Maelzel40Alphabetic
Beiderbecke, BIn a Mist33Alphabetic
Berger, JeanBrazilian Psalm20Alphabetic
BerliozHail, All Hail to the Queen61Alphabetic
BerliozThe Shepherd’s FarewellEnglish44Alphabetic
BerliozThe Shepherd’s FarewellFrench49Alphabetic
Bernard/SmithWinter Wonderland22Alphabetic
BernsteinIt Must Be So17Alphabetic
BernsteinLife Is Happiness Indeed17Alphabetic
BernsteinThis World16Alphabetic
Bliss, ACradle Song for a Newborn Child66Alphabetic
Bliss, AGod Save the Queen36Alphabetic
Bliss, AO Give Thanks Unto the Lord51Alphabetic
Blyton, CThe Christ Church Carol26Alphabetic
Blyton, CWhat then My Love27Alphabetic
Bock, JGreen, CBritish National Anthem68Unknown
Bock, JRuddock, D“Fiddler on the Roof” SelectionPlus one piano/VS19Alphabetic
Bock, JSunrise, Sunset 26Alphabetic
Boito, AAve Signor111Alphabetic
Bonnet, PFrancion Vint L’Autre Jour16Alphabetic
Boublil, ASchonberg, CA la volonté du peuple54Alphabetic
BoublilRuddock, DLes Miserables2 envelopes108 + 40Alphabetic
Brahms, JA Prayer to MaryMarienlieder12Alphabetic
Brahms, JCome Away, DeathOpus 17 No.236Alphabetic
Brahms, JCreate in Me, O God a Pure Heart17Alphabetic
Brahms, JHow Lovely are Thy Dwellings44Alphabetic
Brahms, JIn Silent Night & Love, Fare Thee Well57Alphabetic
Brahms, JKlosterfrauleinCloister Maiden12Alphabetic
Brahms, JO Saviour Rend the Heavens on HighOp24 No220Alphabetic
Brahms, JSieben Lieder (No.1-7)46Alphabetic
Brahms, JThe Bridegroom Comes35Alphabetic
Brahms, JWaldesnacht/Come Away Death91Alphabetic
Brahms, JWhy Then Has The Light Been Given20Alphabetic
Bratton, JCarter, ATeddy Bear’s Picnic111Alphabetic
Bridge, FThe Goslings31Alphabetic
Britten, BBallad of Heroes11Alphabetic
Britten, BChoral Dances (from “Gloriana”)39Alphabetic
Britten, BRuddock, DFriday Afternoons:Cuckoo/Old Abram Brown/Jazz Man21
Britten, BHymn to the Virgin40Alphabetic
Britten, BJubilate Deo47Alphabetic
Britten, BRejoice In The Lamb29Under window
Britten, BTe Deum in C9
Britten, BThe Holly and the Ivy76
Britten, BThe National Anthem74
Britten, BWolcum Yole!114
BroadhurstSargent, MCowboy Carol36Alphabetic
Bruckner, AChristus Factus Est25Alphabetic
Bruckner, ALocus Iste39Alphabetic
Bruckner, AOs Justi25Alphabetic
Bruckner, APange Lingua12Alphabetic
Burke, AGolden Year110Box upper shelf
Burke, AJames Bond Medley120Box
Burke, ALondon Calling
Burke, AMGM MusicalsSATB104Box upper shelf
Burke, ASeven brides for seven brothersPlus accompaniement104BOX
Burke, ASome more Rodgers & Hammersteinincluding 'Edelweiss'102Box lower right shelf
Burleigh, HMy Lord, What A MorningSATB34Alphabetic
Burleigh, HSwing Low, Sweet Chariot49Alphabetic
Butterworth, GeorgeRuddock, DavidFour Songs from ‘A Shropshire Lad’19
Buxtehude, DAlleluia, AlleluiaSSATB24Alphabetic
Buxtehude, DCommand the Angels That They Come48Alphabetic
Byrd, WAve Verum Corpus43Alphabetic
Byrd, WLaudibus in Sanctis40 (2x20)Alphabetic
Byrd, WO Lord, Make Thy Servant20Alphabetic
Byrd, WSing Joyfully Unto God59Alphabetic
Byrd, WThis Day Christ Was Born7Alphabetic
Byrd, W This Sweet and Merry Month24Alphabetic
Camilleri Christ’s Birthday47Alphabetic
Canteloube Bailero50Alphabetic
CarolsAs With Gladness Angels from the Realms of Glory34Alphabetic
CarolsAs With Gladness (only)86Alphabetic
CarolsJacques, RAway in a manger65Alphabetic
CarolsWillcocks, DBirthday Carol24Festival Music Book 1977
CarolsCamilleri, CChrist’s Birthday24Festival Music Book 1977
CarolsWillcocks, DDing Dong! Merrily on High7Alphabetic
CarolsWood, CDing Dong !Merrily on High101Alphabetic
CarolsEs Is Ein Roess EntsprungenA Great And Mighty Wonder25Alphabetic
CarolsJacques, RGood King Wenceslas32Alphabetic
Carols CummingsHark the Herald Angels33Alphabetic/ AS
Carols - MendelssohnHark the Herald Angels+descant40Same envelope as ‘Once in Royal David’s City’
CarolsWilliamson, MIn Dulci Jubilo61+40Alphabetic
CarolsClark, JLet Us Light A Candle13Festival Music Book 1975
CarolsNewbold, DNow The Joyful Bells A-Ringing 23Festival Music Book 1973
Carols-WadeWillcocks, DO Come All Ye Faithful 7 verses+descant55Alphabetic
Carols-WadeO Come All Ye Faithful4 verses40Alphabetic/ AS
Carols-WadeO Come All Ye Faithful5 verses36Alphabetic
CarolsO Little Town100Alphabetic
CarolsPuddick, JOn Christmas Day19TRAD
Carols-Gauntlett Once in Royal David’s CitySame envelope as ‘Hark the herald angels’40
CarolsParker & ShawRide on King Jesus27TRAD
CarolsPoston, EThe Penguin Book Of Christmas Carols21Under window
Carols Silent Night 3 sets223Alphabetic
Carols-WaltonWhat Cheer65WALTON
CarolsWhile sheperds watched their flocks106Alphabetic
CaurroyLas! Amour16Alphabetic
Chilcott, BEv'ry time I feel the spirit 63Alphabetic
Chilcott BobThe Isle is full of noises20
CoatesBird Song at Eventide35Alphabetic
CoatesSweet and Twenty15Alphabetic
Cokenstock, KAllons z’à la campagne59Alphabetic
Coleman, CRhythm of Life68Alphabetic
Coleman, CIf my friends could see me now98Alphabetic
Coleridge-TaylorNo 2. The Death of MinnehahaOp.32 No.228BOX
Cooper, CGolden Threads26Alphabetic
Copland, AAt the River66Alphabetic
Copland, AChing-A-Ring Chaw50Alphabetic
Copland, AI Bought Me A Cat42Alphabetic
CoplandLong Time Ago42Alphabetic
CoplandPromise of Living40Alphabetic
CoplandThe Boatman’s Dance49Alphabetic
Dassin, Joe Aux Champs-Elysées piano copy53Alphabetic
Dauermann, SGreat and Wonderful60Alphabetic
Davies, Walford HHad We But Hearkened32Alphabetic
de Cormier, RHe’s Got The Whole World In His Hands108TRAD BOX bottom left shelves
de Cormier, RPick a Bale of Cotton13TRAD
de Cormier, RThe Whistling Gypsy7TRAD
Delius, FMidsummer Song18Alphabetic
Delius, FSongs at Sunset22Alphabetic
Delius, FTwo Unaccompanied Songs82Alphabetic
Denver, J Annie’s Song32Alphabetic
Di Lasso, O Bonjour Mon Coeur53Alphabetic
Di Lasso, O Jubilate Deo57Alphabetic
Di Lasso, O Out of Range of Cupid’s Bow26Alphabetic
Di Lasso, O Quand Mon Mari26Alphabetic
Dibdin, CRathboneTom Bowling113Alphabetic
Dickson, SThanks be to God62Alphabetic
Dowland, JCome Again, Sweet Love24Alphabetic
Doyle, PIn Pacem115Alphabetic
Dvorak, ASongs of Nature 1 – Why do Sweet Songs?26Alphabetic
Dvorak, ASongs of Nature 2 – Down in the Forest21Alphabetic
Dvorak, ASongs of Nature 3 – Golden Cornfields27Alphabetic
Dvorak, ASongs of Nature 4 – On the Green Hillside31Alphabetic
Dvorak, ASongs of Nature 5 – Come Let Us Sing27Alphabetic
Dyson, GTo Music25Alphabetic
East, MTwo Madrigals21Alphabetic
Edwards, PNo Small Wonder53Under ‘Wigmore’
Elgar, EAs Torrents in Summer100+1Alphabetic
Elgar, EAve Verum Corpus24Alphabetic
Elgar, EFrom the Bavarian Highlands28Alphabetic
Elgar, ELand of Hope and Glory Coronation Ode108Alphabetic
Elgar, ELand of Hope and Glorywords only100+83Alphabetic
Elgar, E My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land39Alphabetic
Elgar, ESongs from the Bavarian Highlands 1 – The Dance29Alphabetic
Elgar, ESongs from the Bavarian Highlands 2 – False Love39Alphabetic
Elgar, ESongs from the Bavarian Highlands 3 – Lullaby29Alphabetic
Elliott, CHogger, SJust as I am29Under ‘Hogger’
EnfieldChristmas Eve49Alphabetic
Fanshawe, DLord’s Prayer – African Sanctus26Alphabetic
FarjeonLojeskiMorning Has Broken25Alphabetic
Farmer, JFair Phyllis47Alphabetic
Farrant, RHide Not Thy Face40Alphabetic
Faure, GApres un Reveincluding piano20Alphabetic
Faure, GIn Paradisum113Alphabetic
Faure, GPavane27Alphabetic
Finzi, GAll this Night50Alphabetic
Finzi, GClear And Gentle Stream25Alphabetic
Finzi, GGod is Gone Up11Alphabetic
Finzi, GI Praise The Tender Flower31Alphabetic
Finzi, GMy Spirit Sang All Day32Alphabetic
Franck, CPanis Angelicus39Alphabetic
Fraser-Simon, HChristopher Robin is Saying his Prayers107Alphabetic
Furber, D/ Gay, NLeavitt, JMe and my girl96BOX top right shelf
Gabrieli, GEd. DamroschIn Ecclesiis16Alphabetic
Gabrieli, GEd. Stevens DIn Ecclesiis24Alphabetic
German, EdwardTom Jones concert version12Alphabetic
German, EdwardTom Jones13Under window
Gershwin, GA Foggy Day20Alphabetic
Gershwin, G and IHuff, MacA Gershwin PortraitSATB51BOX lower shelf
Gershwin, GIt Ain’t Necessarily So44Alphabetic
Gershwin, GLove Walked Right In38Alphabetic
Gershwin, G Porgy and Bess17Alphabetic
Gershwin, GSing of Spring40Bad condition
Gershwin, GS’Wonderful25Alphabetic
Gibbons, OEd. BeecheyChristmas Introit157Alphabetic
Gibbons, ODrop, Drop Slow Tears19Alphabetic
Gibbons, OHosanna to the Son of David36Alphabetic
Gibbons, OO Lord Increase My Faith30Alphabetic
Gibbons, OJackson, FSong 4413Festival Music Book 1975
Gibbons, OFellowes, E.HThe Silver Swan28Alphabetic
Gibbs, ADevotion25Alphabetic
Gold, ETom Jones13Under window
Goodall, HThe Exodus Song117Alphabetic
Goss, JPsalm 2345Alphabetic
Gounod, CPraise My Soul29Alphabetic
Grainger, PCome Unto Him All Ye Who Labour21Alphabetic
Grainger, PBrigg Fair36Alphabetic
Grainger, PHunting Song of the Seeonee Pack17+33Alphabetic
Grainger, PI’m Seventeen Come Sunday43Alphabetic
Grainger, PIrish Tune From County Derry44Alphabetic
Grainger, PKipling Settings No 3- Morning Song in the Jungle19Alphabetic
Grainger, PKipling Settings No 9- The Running of Shindand Lukannon11Alphabetic
Grainger, PMorning Song in the Jungle16Alphabetic
Grainger, PNight Song in the Jungle TTBBD Major16Alphabetic
Grainger, PNight Song in the Jungle TTBBF Major20Alphabetic
Grainger, PRandom Roundpiano part27Alphabetic
Grainger, PRed Dog4 part men20Alphabetic
Grainger, PSailor’s Shanty14Alphabetic
Grainger, PRuddock, DScotch Strathspey and Reel incl. The Drunken Sailor23Alphabetic
Grainger, PShallow Brown29Alphabetic
Grainger, PSix Dukes Went A Fishin’26Alphabetic
Grainger, PThe Gypsy’s Wedding Day40Alphabetic
Grainger, PThe Hunter in His Career27Alphabetic
Grainger, PThe Hunter is Up13Alphabetic
Grainger, PThe Peora Hunt18Alphabetic
Grainger, PThe Inuit19Alphabetic
Grainger, PThe Two Corbies12Alphabetic
Grainger, PTiger, Tiger TB16Alphabetic
Grainger, PTiger, Tiger21Alphabetic
Grieg, EIn the Hall of the Mountain King94Alphabetic
Grieg, ESolveig’s Song62Alphabetic
Grieg, EThe Silent Nightingale20Alphabetic
Grieg, AThree Part Songs89Alphabetic
Grimwood, AHoly Mr Herbert26Alphabetic
GrossmanJust One Person44Alphabetic
Hamlisch, MCassey, CThe Way We Were56Alphabetic
Hamlisch, M What I Did For Love22Alphabetic
Hand, CThe Hunt is Up!19Alphabetic
Handel, G FLet Their Celestial Concerts All Unite26Alphabetic
Handel, G FDarlow, DLord, I Trust Thee 24Festival Music Book 1973
Handel, G FWatkins Shaw, HHallelujah ChorusSATB48Alphabetic
Handel, G FSt John’s Passion32Box upper shelf
Handel, G FSee The Conquering Hero Comeskey G Majo154Alphabetic
Handel, G FSee The Conquering Hero Comes key D Major54Alphabetic
Handel, G FZadok the Priest86Box
Harwood, BRuddock, D Let all the world in every corner sing 1 full score. Brass parts are with David Ruddock27Alphabetic
Hassall, C & Jacob, GHighways – A Cantata of Travel2Alphabetic
Hawels, TFill Thou My Life60Alphabetic
Hawes, JChrist is Born39Alphabetic
Hawes, J The Bells of Youth (Choral Suite)(1-38 and 39-79, different pagination) Librarians! Read notes on front and one side of the box78BOX left hand upper shelf
Hawes, Jo Music: Three Songs12Alphabetic
Hawes, JThree English Lyrics - Two setsNos 1-34 fit folders. Nos 1-43 originals don't fit77Alphabetic
HawesUK & German National Anthems45HYMNS
Hawkins E.RSchwingrouberHappy Day42Alphabetic
Haydn, MAsperges Me13Alphabetic
Haydn, MThe Liquor Flows26Alphabetic
Haydn, MThe Heavens Are Telling 99Alphabetic
Healey, DThe Shepherd Boy’s Song 14Festival Music Book 1974
Hilton, JYou Lovers That Have Loves Astray22Alphabetic
Hogger, SJust As I Am29Alphabetic
Hogger, SLet All The People Praise Thee35Alphabetic
Hogger, SLet The People Praise Thee O God35Unknown
Hogger, STommies Tunes98BOX right hand upper shelf
Holst, GChoral Hymns From Rig Veda80Box upper shelf
Holst, GMasters In This Hall49Alphabetic
Holst, GMan Born to Toil21Alphabetic
Holst, GBring Us In Good Ale40
Holst, GShort Festival Te Deum60Alphabetic
Holst, GSong of the Blacksmith31Alphabetic
Winter and the Birds101Alphabetic
Holst, GI Love My Love31
Holst, GHolst, GI Sowed the Seeds of Love50
Holst, GMatthew, Mark, Luke and John40Alphabetic
Holst, GThe Dove28Alphabetic
Holst, GTurn Back O’ Man59Alphabetic
Holst, GTwo Psalms22Alphabetic
Holst, GSwansea Town42Alphabetic
Holst, IA Sweet Country Life64Alphabetic
Holst, IMake Ye Merry29Alphabetic
Horowitz, JMalicious Madrigal21
Howells, HHere is the Little Door18Alphabetic
Howells, HMy Eyes For Beauty Pine24Festival Music Book 1973
Huff, MacMary Poppins: the Musical20BOX bottom left shelves
Hupfeld, HRobinson, RAs Time Goes By SATB and piano accompaniment45Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsAll Creatures of our god and king5Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsAll People That On Earth Do DwellPsalm 100 Old 100th44Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsNewton J. Arr.NussleAmazing GraceSATB49Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsArr. J.RutterAmazing Grace19Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsAngel voices ever singing 8 descant25Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsLey, H GAnthem For A Harvest Festival 24Festival Music Book 1977
Hymns/AnthemsShaw, MBattle Hymn18Under SHAW
Hymns/AnthemsWills, ABehold Now, Praise The Lord 13Festival Music Book 1975
Hymns/AnthemsHolman, DChrist, Who Knows All His Sheep13Festival Music Book 1975
Hymns/AnthemsAston, PFor I Went With The Multitude14Festival Music Book 1974
Hymns/AnthemsCashmore, DGive Unto The Lord, O ye Mighty24Festival Music Book 1973
Hymns/AnthemsHark! A Herald Voice is Calling15Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsHills of the North Rejoice15Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsBarrett-Ayres, RI Will Praise Thee O God 14Festival Music Book 1974
Hymns/AnthemsKing of Glory26Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsDoswell, MLead Us, O Father14Festival Music Book 1974
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence19
Hymns/AnthemsShaw, MLet All The People Praise Thee, O God13Festival Music Book 1975
Hymns/AnthemsLo, He Comes With Clouds Descending15Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsTertius NobleLord of the Worlds AbovePsalm 8424Festival Music Book 1977
Hymns/AnthemsNicholson, S HLove Divine, All Loves Excelling24Festival Music Book 1977
Hymns/AnthemsO Come, O Come Emanuel31Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsBlow, JO Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem24Festival Music Book 1973
Hymns/AnthemsOn Jordan’s Bank15Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsPraise my soul, the king of heaven7 descant19Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsChild, WPraise The Lord, O My Soul14Festival Music Book 1974
Hymns/AnthemsHarper, JPsalm 15024Festival Music Book 1977
Hymns/AnthemsShall We Not Love Thee15Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsWadely, F WThat God Doth Love the World, We Know24Festival Music Book 1977
Hymns/AnthemsThiman, EThe Spacious Firmament on High24Festival Music Book 1973
Hymns/AnthemsCashmore, DThe Strife Is O’er13Festival Music Book 1975
Hymns/AnthemsSee WaltonThe Twelve 30Under WALTON
Hymns/AnthemsThiman, EThis Is The Day The Lord Hath Made14Festival Music Book 1974
Hymns/AnthemsRedman, RThou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace 24Festival Music Book 1977
Hymns/AnthemsShaw, M.Three Hymns/Anthems: Through the Night Of Doubt and Sorrow. 18Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsHolst, GThree Hymns/Anthems: I Vow to Thee, My Country18
Hymns/AnthemsTallis, TThree Hymns/Anthems: Glory to Thee, My God This Night18
Hymns/AnthemsThy Hand O God Has Guided19Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsHawesUK & German National Anthems45Alphabetic
Hymns/AnthemsWake, O Wake (Wachet Auf)15Alphabetic
Idle, EHuff, MacLook on the Bright Side19Anglia Singers
Ireland, JThe Hills32Alphabetic
Ives, GraystonTry to Remember 1 original52Alphabetic
Ives, JChristmas Carol52Alphabetic
Jacob, GCrucifixion28Alphabetic
Jacob, GHighways41Alphabetic
JacobsenBlow the wind southerly 31TRAD
JanequinLa Plus Belle de la Ville17Alphabetic
Jenkins, KAdiemus: Songs of Sanctuary vocal score5Alphabetic
Jenkins, KAdiemus Songs of Sanctuary No 123
Jenkins, KChorale (from “The Armed Man”)90Alphabetic
John, Elton Can You Feel The Love Tonight105Alphabetic
John, Elton/ Rice Tim/Zimmer Hans The Lion King100BOX
Johnston, AShaw, KPennies From Heaven110Alphabetic
Joplin, SA Real Slow Drag26Alphabetic
Joubert, JThere is No Rose Of Such Virtue30Alphabetic
Joubert, JThere is No Rose Of Such Virtue24Festival Music Book 1973
Joubert, JTorches51Alphabetic
Kander and EbbLojeski, ERazzle Dazzle (From Chicago)17Alphabetic
Keen,. MAlthouseLight a candle59Alphabetic
Kern, JNield, D .Adapted Macmahon, MA Fine Romancepiano part103BOX
Kern, JAll The Things You Are5Alphabetic
Kern, JThe Way You Look Tonight30Alphabetic
King, DavidBlack Beauty theme101
Kodaly, ZEvening Song44Alphabetic
Kodaly, ZHymn to King Stephen31Alphabetic
Kodaly, ZMatra Pictures37Alphabetic
Kodaly, ZThe Peacock31Alphabetic
Kodaly, ZSee The Gypsies47Alphabetic
Koen, WMijn Nederland56Unknown
Lambert, CThe Rio Grande20Alphabetic
Lane, BurtonStrommen, CLook To The Rainbow34Alphabetic
Langley, JDisney Treasury109Box upper shelf
Langley, JLove and Marriage103Box lower shelf
Langley, JWizard of Oz109Box lower shelf
Lavender, PSpider Pig24
Lawson, jL’il Liza Jane37TRAD
Lawson, PMusic Hall Medley20
Lawson, PTunes from the Trenches23
Legrand, MThe Windmills of Your Mind40Unknown
Lehar, FCount of Luxembourg March103Alphabetic
Lehar, FMerry Widow Waltz85Alphabetic
Leigh, MitchRingwald, RoyThe Impossible Dream48Alphabetic
Lennon It’s only love14Alphabetic
Lennon/MacartneyFenoulhetBeatles MedleyPiano+master135Box lower shelf
Lennon/MacartneyBeatles Medley No. 19Alphabetic
Lennon/MacartneyPenny Lane5Alphabetic
Lennon/MacartneyThe Long and Winding Road8Alphabetic
Lennon/MacartneyWhen I’m Sixty Four23Alphabetic
Lennon/Macartney Yellow Submarine37Alphabetic
Lerner & LoeweAscot Gavotte42Alphabetic
Lerner & LoeweCGBrigadoon51Alphabetic
Lerner and LoeweLeidzen, EBrigadoon96BOX
Lerner & LoeweCamelot63Alphabetic
Lerner & LoeweStickles, WI Could Have Danced All Night80Alphabetic
Lerner & LoeweIf Ever I Should Leave You4Alphabetic
Lerner & Loewe My Fair Lady Selection1 Master40Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, WSing, O Heavens34Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, AAll I Ask Of You21Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, AMasquerade15Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, AMemory14Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, ALojeski, EPhantom of the Opera Selection55Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, APhantom of the OperaTitle Song16Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, ACGPie Jesu23Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, ACullen, DSkimbleshanks39Alphabetic
Lloyd-Webber, A Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again18Alphabetic
Loes, H DThis little light of mine19Alphabetic
Loesser, FrankHuff, MMedley from Guys and Dolls28BOX right upper shelf
McCarthyOh Father (English music hall medley)15Alphabetic
MacCartney, PSave The Child17Alphabetic
Mancini, HRussell RobinsonDays of Wine and Roses 29Alphabetic
Mancini, M WarnickMoon River62Alphabetic
Mandel, J The Shadow of your smile47 + 6Alphabetic
Manilow, BRuddock, DOne Voice87Alphabetic
Marguerie, LChrist has come again6Alphabetic
Mascagni, PEaster HymnIntroduction43Alphabetic
Mason, LJoy to the World77Alphabetic
Massenet Meditation71Alphabetic
Mathias, WBell Carol8Alphabetic
Mendelssohn, FAbove All Praise 14Festival Music Book 1974
Mendelssohn, FCast Thy Burden Upon The Lord17Alphabetic
Mendelssohn, FSchirmerElijahbooks35Box right side
Mendelssohn, FHunting Song46Alphabetic
Mendelssohn, FI waited for the Lord28Alphabetic
Moeran, EThe Jolly Carter25Alphabetic
Moeran, EThe Sailor and Young Nancy9
Monteverdi, CEd Steele, J editor. Arr. Butterworth,NBeatus VirSSATTB15Alphabetic
Monteverdi, CEd Steele, J editor. Arr. Butterworth,NBeatus VirSSATTB15
Monteverdi, CEd Steele, J editor. Arr. Butterworth,NBeatus VirSSATB19
Monteverdi, CEd. Jesson, RChriste, Adoramus Te13Festival Music Book 1975
Montgomery, BMy Joy, My Life, My Crown!13Festival Music Book 1975
Morley, THard by a Crystal Fountain6Alphabetic
Morley, TEd. DartMy Bonny Lass She Smileth4Alphabetic
Morley, TNolo Mortem Peccatoris12Alphabetic
Morley, TNow is the Month of Maying24Alphabetic
Morley, TSing We and Chant It26Alphabetic
Morricone, ERuddock, DOnce Upon A Time In The West114Alphabetic
Morricone, ELangley, JThe Mission111Alphabetic
Mozart, W AAuf Den Tod Einer Nachtigall8Alphabetic
Mozart, W AAve Verum Corpus (Novello)28Alphabetic
Mozart, W AAve Verum Corpus (OUP)24Alphabetic
Mozart, W AEssen Trinken28Alphabetic
Mozart, W AGod is our Refuge10Alphabetic
Mozart, W ASwingleLacrimosa94Alphabetic
Mozart, W AMesse N.1485Alphabetic
Mozart, W APiu Non Si Trovano27Alphabetic
Mozart, W ASanta Maria Mater Dei+1 original11Alphabetic
Mozart, W AAllegretto (from Piano Sonata in C Major)+1 original32Alphabetic
Mozart, W AMotet: Adoramus Te K.327+2 originals10Alphabetic
Mozart, W AKyrie from Missa Brevis26Alphabetic
Mulholland, JCome Thou Fount of Every Blessing16 Alphabetic
Mussorgsky, MCoronation Scene from “Boris Godounov”58Alphabetic
Nakada YoshinaoNatsu No Omoide140Alphabetic
Nares, J Shaw, WatkinsTry Me, O God 24Festival Music Book 1977
Nelson, RA Choral Fanfare For Christmas69Alphabetic
Nelson, RFor Snow5Alphabetic
NovelloWaltz of my Heart13Alphabetic
NovelloWe’ll gather lilacs24Alphabetic
Offenbach, JBarcarolle Duetladies only37Alphabetic
Offenbach, JEd. Meyerowitz JChorus of the Office Clerksinc. master18Alphabetic
Offenback, JGalop (Orpheus in the Underworld)99Alphabetic
Offenbach, JLangley, AGalop Infernal (Can-Can)piano acc45Alphabetic
Offenback, JBolton, CThe Gendarmes Duetmen only18Alphabetic
Orff, Carl Carmina Burana (LIBRETTO)160BOX
PaceHunting Song39Alphabetic
PalestrinaDavies, L HHosanna In The Highest 24Festival Music Book 1977
Parker, AliceI shall not be moved20
Parker & ShawRide on King Jesus27TRAD
Parry, BIn Celebration of Music107BOX bottom left shelf
Parry, C H HChambersDear Lord and Father of Mankind71Alphabetic
Parry, C H HJacobsenJerusalemSATB16Alphabetic
Parry, C H HJerusalemwords only85Alphabetic
Parry, C H HJerusalemunison99Alphabetic
Passereau, PIl est bel et bon21
Patterson, PSpare Parts25Alphabetic
Pepusch, J CEd. Byers, DBeatus Vir15Alphabetic
Peterson, ORead, PHymn to Freedom3 accp24
Porter, ColeAnything goes, Blow Gabriel Blow 7Alphabetic
Porter, Cole In the still of the night5Alphabetic
Porter, Cole I’ve got you under my skin7Alphabetic
Porter, ColeTrue Love38Alphabetic
Poulenc, FO Magnum Mysterium45Alphabetic
Praetorius, MEs Ist Ein ‘Ros’12Unknown
Praetorius, MSing The Birth 14Festival Music Book 1974
Prokofiev, AAlexander’s Entry into Pskov 126Alphabetic
Puccini, GTurandot, March & Nessun Dorma 105Box lower shelf
Puccini, GTurandot: In Questa Reggia107Box lower shelf
Puccini, GGreen, CHumming Chorus79Alphabetic
Puddick, JOn Christmas Day19TRAD
Purcell, H Tippett, MCome, Ye Sons of Art (Ode) Can be used with Come, Come Ye Sons of Art and See Nature Rejoicing11Alphabetic
Purcell, H Come, Come Ye Sons of ArtSee also Come, Ye Sons of Art (Ode) – which it can be used with30Alphabetic
Purcell, HDido and Aeneas5Alphabetic
Purcell, H With drooping wings15Alphabetic
Purcell, HEvening Hymn17Alphabetic
Purcell, HFear No Danger16Alphabetic
Purcell, HIn our deep vaulted cell15Alphabetic
Purcell, HEd. Leslie, HIn These Delightful Pleasant Groves 20Alphabetic
Purcell, HSee Nature RejoicingSee also Come Ye sons of Art (Ode) – which it can be used with14Alphabetic
Purcell, HEd. LoosemoreO Lord Increase Our Faith36Alphabetic
Purcell, HEd. DentRejoice in the Lord73Alphabetic
Purcell, HSoul of the World55Alphabetic
Purcell, HEd. ShawThou Knowest Lord90Alphabetic
QueenLangleyA Queenian Rhapsody 4 envelopes114Lower shelf
Rachmaninov, SAve Maria181Alphabetic
Rachmaninov, SCherubic Hymn1 Master67Alphabetic
Rachmaninov, SCome Let Us SingRussian/English words16Alphabetic
Rachmaninov, SEd. Douglas WHymn To The Mother Of God67Alphabetic
Rachmaninov, SEd. Douglas WNunc Dimittis8Alphabetic
Rachmaninov, SEd. Douglas WO Come Let Us Worship70Alphabetic
Rachmaninov, SGritton, PVocalise68Alphabetic
Ramirez, ANavidad Nuestra (SATB)9Alphabetic
Ramirez, ANavidad NuestraFull scores and instruments8Alphabetic
Ramirez, ANavidad Nuestra :Instrumental scores2Alphabetic
Ramirez, ANavidad Nuestra Reduced choir (la Peregrinacion)58Alphabetic
Rodgers & HammersteinWarnickCarousel selection138BOX on chair corner
Rodgers & HammersteinBew Frans KocxClimb Every Mountain56Alphabetic
Rodgers & HammersteinStickles, WGetting to Know You 81/ 5+95?Box corner chair
Rodgers & HammersteinStickles, WIt’s A Grand Night for Singing64Alphabetic
Rodgers & HammersteinRuddock, DIt’s A Grand Night for Singing (+ score)111Alphabetic
Rodgers & HammersteinOklaoma64 Box corner chair
Rodgers & HammersteinRuddock, DOut of My Dreams89Alphabetic
Rodgers & HammersteinChase, BSomething Wonderful61Alphabetic
Rodgers & HammersteinWarnick, CSound of Music Selection Ladies Intro116Alphabetic
Rodgers & Hammerstein Warnick, CSound of Music Selection28+60box corner chair
Rodgers & Hammerstein Warnick, CSound of Music ‘Edelweiss’66
Rodgers & HammersteinSouth Pacific Medley17Alphabetic
Rodgers & HammersteinRuddock, DYou’ll Never Walk Alone87Alphabetic
Rodgers & Hammerstein Younger than Springtime112Box corner chair
Rodgers and HartBurke, AWith A Song In My Heart110Box lower shelf
Rota, NBrimhall, JA Time For Us (from Romeo and Juliet)33Alphabetic
Russell, WLangley, JTell me it’s not true87Right wall upper shelf
Rutter, JA Clare BenedictionPlus master45Alphabetic
Rutter, JAll Bells in Paradise20
Rutter, JAll Things Bright and Beautiful34Alphabetic
Rutter, J American Traditional Songs (When the Saints)54Alphabetic
Rutter, JAngels Carol40Alphabetic
Rutter, JChrist The Lord Is Risen Again24Festival Music Book 1973
Rutter, JDown by the Riverside61Alphabetic
Rutter, JFive American Folk Songs5Alphabetic
Rutter, JFive Traditional Songs22Alphabetic
Rutter, JFor the Beauty of the Earth35Alphabetic
Rutter, JGaelic Blessing68Alphabetic
Rutter, JGloria21Alphabetic
Rutter, JGod Be In My Head 13Festival Music Book 1975
Rutter, JGolden Slumbers41 Alphabetic
Rutter, JI Will Sing With The Spirit22Alphabetic
Rutter, JIt Was A Lover And His LassMaster and OB35
Rutter, JJesus Child34Alphabetic
Rutter, JLook at the world33Alphabetic
Rutter, JMass of the Children33Alphabetic
Rutter, JMy True Love Hath My Heart24Alphabetic
Rutter, JSheperd’s Pipe Carol81Alphabetic
Rutter, JThe Gift of Music50Alphabetic
Rutter, JThe Girl I Left Behind Me52 TRAD
Rutter, JThe Heavenly Aeroplane10Alphabetic
Rutter, JThe Keel Row34Alphabetic
Rutter, JEd. Willcocks, DThe Lord Bless You and Keep YouMaster 25Alphabetic
Rutter, JThe Very Best Time Of Year134
Rutter, JThy Perfect Love (See Below)44Alphabetic
Rutter, JThy Perfect Love (See Above)24Festival Music Book 1977
Rutter, JWhat Sweeter Music66Alphabetic
Rutter, JWhen Daisies PiedOB23Alphabetic
Rutter, JWillow Song50Alphabetic
Rutter, JWings of the MorningAlphabetic
Saint Saens, CCalme des Nuits - Les Fleurs et Les Arbres20Alphabetic
Scarlatti, AExultate Deo78Alphabetic
Schoenberg, C MRuddock, DLes Miserables77Lower shelf loose right
Schmidt, HTry to Remember10Alphabetic
Schubert, FAn Die Music42Alphabetic
Schubert, FAn Die Sonne60Alphabetic
Schubert, FHappiness (O Seligkeit)43Alphabetic
Schubert, FFreed, AThe Dance (Der Tanz)47Alphabetic
Schubert, FPsalm 23 master12Alphabetic
Schubert, F The Nightingale74Alphabetic
Schubert, FThe Nightingale86
SchumannGute Nacht (Good Night)33Alphabetic
SchumannHomeward Bound41Alphabetic
Schumann Song of Summer22Alphabetic
SchutzPsalms 71 and 9723Alphabetic
Shaw, GTwice 22 (Songs for Male Voices)15Alphabetic
Schwartz, StephenGospel Choruses from ‘Gospel & Children of Eden’1 Day by Day3Alphabetic
Seiber, MatiasYugoslav Folksongs50Alphabetic
Shaw, Martin See HymnsBattle Hymn18Under HYMNS
Shearing, GFie on Sinful Fantasy115Alphabetic
Shearing, GHey, Ho The Wind and the Rain109Alphabetic
Shearing, GIt Was A Lover And His Lass1 master29Alphabetic
Shearing, G Spring21
ShermannMary Poppins110Box
SibeliusBe Still, my Soul63Alphabetic
SimeoneDry Bones102Box upper shelf
Simon, PEhret, WMrs Robinson (SATB)44Alphabetic
Simon, PThe Sound of Silence54Alphabetic
Smetana, FBartered Bride (Act 1 Excerpt)85Alphabetic
Sondheim, SRobinson, REverything’s coming up roses3Alphabetic
Sondheim, SInto the Woods23Alphabetic
Sondheim, STeena ChinnNot While I’m Around111Alphabetic
Sondheim, SJohn LenittPretty Women110Alphabetic
Sondheim, SRobert BeadellSend in the Clowns28Alphabetic
Sondheim, S Sunday26Alphabetic
Spall, CharlesFour Songs25Alphabetic
SpeaksRathboneOn the Road to Mandalay31Alphabetic
Stanford, C VO Praise God In His HolinessPsalm 15027Alphabetic
Stanford, C VThree Motets 1) Justorem Animae40Alphabetic
Stanford, C VThree Motets 2) Coelos Ascendit Hodie38Alphabetic
Stanford, C VThree Motets 3) Beati Quorum Vir30Alphabetic
Stanford, C VThe Bluebird40Alphabetic
Stanford, C VThe Revenge37Alphabetic
Steer, MEaster Song (Unison)24Festival Music Book 1973
Stevens, DThe Penguin Book of English Madrigals39Box upper shelf
Strauss, JChampagne Chorus111Alphabetic
Strauss, JDie Fledermaus (Champagne Chorus) Act 2 Finale82Alphabetic
Streisand, B and Williams, PGreen, CEvergreen SSA + piano acc14Alphabetic
Strommen, CSinatra Showcase42Alphabetic
Styne, JStrommen, CDon’t Rain On My Parade33Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertA British TarTrio and Chorus12Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertA British TarSATB110Box upper shelf
Sullivan & GilbertA more Humane Mikado100Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertDance the Cachucha (Gondeliers)Master and piano accomp98Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertHail, Poetry (Pirates of Penzance)100Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertI Hear The Soft Note (Patience)18Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertMarch of the Peers (Iolanthe)116Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertNight has spread its pall58Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertFindeSoon as we may – Finale (Iolanthe46Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertThe Ghost’s High Noon34Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertVocal Selection (Iolanthe)110Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertWhen our Gallant Norman Feet57Alphabetic
Sullivan & GilbertWhen the Foeman bares his steel97Alphabetic
Swingle, WIt was a lover and his lass5Alphabetic
Swingle, WCountry Dances5Alphabetic
Swingle, WPastime With Good Company53Alphabetic
Swingle, WRomance5Alphabetic
Tallis, TEd. Antony GreeningAll People that on Earth do dwell25Alphabetic
Tallis, TIf Ye Love Me25Alphabetic
Tallis, TThird Mode Melody81Alphabetic
Tallis, TThird Mode Melody ‘How shall I sing’24Alphabetic
Tallis, T Canon ‘Glory to thee’21Alphabetic
Tavener, JThe Lamb2Alphabetic
Tchaikovsky, P1812 Overture Opening Chorus51Alphabetic
Tchaikovsky, PLowell, GMorning Prayer 24Festival Music Book 1973
Tchaikovsky, PThe Cherubic Hymn17
Tchaikovsky, P The Crown of Roses (Legend)32Alphabetic
Tchaikovsky, P When Jesus Christ was yet a child (Legend)15
Telemann, G Psalm 11755
Thompson, RAlleluia108Box upper shelf
Tippett, MichaelBy and By49Alphabetic
Tippett, MichaelGo Down Moses (Five Spirituals 3)22Alphabetic
Tippett, MichaelNobody Knows (Five Spirituals 2)33Alphabetic
Tippett, MichaelSteal Away (Five Spirituals 1)27Alphabetic
Toch, ErnstGeographical Fugue59Alphabetic
Toch, Ernst Valse23Alphabetic
Torme/WellsThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)23Alphabetic
TRADHopkins, EAll My Trials Lord62Alphabetic
TRADRoberton, H SAll Through The Night52Alphabetic
TRADBertalot, JAlouette60Alphabetic
TRADThorpe-Davie Reduction by S.HoggerAuld Lang Syne with accompaniment and master copy105Alphabetic
TRADThorpe-DavieAuld Lang Syne (SATB only130Alphabetic
TRADJacobsenBlow The Wind Southerly31Alphabetic
TRADCopley, I.ABotany Bay16Alphabetic
TRADVecchi, OCanzonetta36
TRADAhrold, FCourting of the Deaf Woman21
TRADJacob, GGo Down Moses50
TRADRunswickGo Tell It On The Mountain18
TRADWhittakerGreen Bottles23
TRADDe Cormier, RHe’s Got The Whole World In His Hands108BOX
TRADSargentHe’s Got The Whole World In His Hands51
TRADWillcocks, DInfant King55Alphabetic
TRADLawson, J?It’s only love14Unknown
TRADWagner, DJesus walked this lonesome valley Swing low, sweet chariot21
TRADSammesKerry Dance80
TRADLawson, GLi’l Liza Jane37Alphabetic
TRADThomas, MLlanfair58Unknown
TRADChilcott, BLondonderry Air21
TRADChilcott, BLondon Bellstubular bells part16
TRADGwynn WilliamsLullaby (Suo-Gan)72
TRADJohnsonMary Had A Baby90
TRADRuddock, DMen of Harlech41
TRADSweetingMy Johnny Was a Shoemaker22
TRADRedmanO Waly, Waly9
TRADByng JohnsonOh! The Noble Duke of York23Alphabetic
TRADPuddick, JOn Christmas Day19Alphabetic
TRADFraser, JOur Blest Redeemer 14Festival Music Book 1974
TRADDe CormierPick a bale of cotton13
TRADParker & ShawRide on King Jesus27Alphabetic
TRADVarious arrangersShaker Songs80Alphabetic
TRADBarthelson, JSomebody’s Knocking At Your Door30Alphabetic
TRADSchillio, EStars of Ice Chinese Christmas Carol59
TRADRoberton, H SThe Herdmaiden’s Song8Alphabetic
TRADCarter, AThe lark in the clear air15Alphabetic
TRADGwynn WilliamsThree Old Welsh Songs25
TRADParker & ShawWondrous Love53Alphabetic
Vasquez, JLos Bracos Traygo Cansados20Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, RAn Acre of Land63Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, RChristmas Night50Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, RFantasia on Christmas CarolsBaritone solo and SATB35Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, RFor All The Saints, Come Down O Love Divine, When, Rising From The Bed of Death18Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, R Linden Lea57Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, RO Taste and See35Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, RSilent Noon24Alphabetic
Vaughan-Williams, RWassail Song8Alphabetic
VecchiWilliams, GSo Ben Mi Ch’A Bon Tempo39Alphabetic
Verdi, GAve Maria19Alphabetic
Verdi, G Rogers, JLaudi Alla Vergine Maria36Alphabetic
Vermulst, JDes Winters als het Regent54Alphabetic
Victoria, Tomas Luis deO Magnum Mysterium60Alphabetic
Victoria, Tomas Luis de Williams, GTenebrae Factae SuntAlphabetic
Villette, PierreHymne a la Vierge30Alphabetic
Wagner, DJesus Walked This Lonesome ValleySATB22Alphabetic
Wagner, RO Christ, O Blessed Lord13Festival Music Book 1975
BrattonThe Teddy Bears Picnic17
Webb, RThe Teddy Bears Picnic108
Walton, WHenry VChorus Score12Alphabetic
Walton, WSet Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart50Alphabetic
Walton, WThe Twelve (an anthem for the feast of any apostle)30Alphabetic
Walton, W What Cheer65Alphabetic
Warlock, PCorpus Christi Carol35Alphabetic
Warlock, PArmstrong Gibbs, Yarmouth FairSATB38
WebbTeddy Bears Picnic94Alphabetic
Weelkes, TAs Vesta was from Latmos Hill6
Weelkes, TGywnn WilliamsIn Pride of May44
Weelkes, TSing We At Pleasure23Alphabetic
Weelkes, T Fellowes, EThule, The Period of Cosmography6
Wesley, S SEd. Mann, A.HO Sing Unto My Roundelay17
Wesley, S SComley, W JThou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace59Alphabetic
Wesley, S S Ramsey, BasilThou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace17
Whelan, BRiverdance: Cloudsong38
Whelan, B Riverdance: Home and the Heartland37Alphabetic
Whitacre, EThe Seal Lullaby54
Wigmore, PNo Small Wonder53Alphabetic
WilbyeEd. FellowesDraw on Sweet Night6Alphabetic
Wilbye Ed. FellowesLove me not for comely grace10
Willcocks, JLord Make Me an Instrument50Alphabetic
Williams, JDouble Trouble136BOX bottom right shelf
Williams, JAudrey SayderDry Your Tears Afrika33Alphabetic
Williams, JExsultate Justi109BOX
Williams, JHymn To The Fallen109
Williams, JSnyderSomewhere in my memory95
Williams, J Brubake, JStar Wars: The Phantom Menace100Alphabetic
Williams, J Brubake, J Star Wars: Duel of the Fates100Alphabetic
Williams, JosephBavarian Highlands 6 songs with piano accompaniment by Elgar, E15Alphabetic
WilliamsonAgnus Dei36
Williamson, M The Stone Wall100
Wiseman, DAll Our VoicesSATB109
Wolf, HGottvertrauen20
Wood, HSargent, MalcomFantasia on British Sea Songs118