It should come as no surprise that Trustees and members of the Trianon’s Music Strategy Group have, this week, been focused on the statement made by Boris Johnson on Monday 14 June.

In the light of the decision to extend Step 3 for a further four weeks and the uncertainty as to whether all restrictions will be lifted on July 21, the two planning groups of the Trianon organisation have, with great sadness, had to cancel the first two pairs of rehearsals in July.

One of the factors given priority by Trianon has been that rehearsals should be safe for everyone, and the current trajectory of the Delta virus in the region gives cause for concern. Another factor is that, when rehearsals recommence, we want to meet as a choir and as an orchestra, rather than in sections which is one of the current factors prevailing under Step 3.

This means that we retain the September rehearsals as planned, and we hope that even more members, beyond the encouraging response we have had so far, will commit to be there. Beyond the opportunity to study and rehearse a wide range of music, it will give our music team an opportunity to rebuild after 17 months of inactivity – something very much needed – if we are to deliver the kind of programmes, we are planning for 2022.

From the responses that our Choir and Orchestra Secretaries have had, it is very evident that members want to get back to rehearsing, but there are also many for whom there may be a hesitancy at present about coming together in an indoor venue even though we will ensure covid-secure arrangements. By September we hope that we shall be able to meet with many of the restrictions removed. 

In the meantime, please remember what we asked in the May mailing – respond to John Barratt (  and Nigel Walker (  whether or not you intend taking part.  If you have not done so then please do so as soon as possible especially since It is only fair to them that they should not spend time reminding members that Trianon is still here and we need to see you!

Please continue watching the Trianon website, and remember in the May mailing we gave you details of colleagues who are ready to update you or answer any questions.

Thank you,

Trustees and members of the Music Committee